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Home staging helps you sell your home.

Your home reflects your personality. It fits you, and the way you live. Your home is wonderful, so why stage it?


Staging depersonalizes the home. This allows potential buyers to see themselves living in your home. This is a key step buyers must take before decide to buy your home. If a buyer cannot imagine the home as their own, they will not take the purchase to the next step.


In today's market, your home needs to exceed the expectations of buyers. Your home is competing with many others. Give your home an advantage - stage it and set it apart from the competition.


Home staging is new to the Washington, DC area, but in some markets, such as California, over 75% of up-scale homes are staged. 

When should I stage my home?


Ideally, you should stage your home before you interview realtors. Unless your home is ready for sale, a realtor will not be able to accurately assess its marketability.


If your home is already on the market, staging it now improves your chances of selling it fast.


Staging is always less expensive than your first price reduction. So, if you are about to drop your price, talk to us first.


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