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June 16, 2008
Issue 5
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What Our Clients are Saying
I would highly recommend Preferred Staging for anyone trying to ready a home for sale.  Preferred Staging is wonderful.  They have great ideas and are extremely willing to work with the client, which in my case was important since I had some ideas as well.  They offer as much or as little as the customer needs, remaining flexible as plans change throughout the process.  Together, our combined visions resulted in a contract within a week of the listing.  
Dorothy L.
Herdon, VA
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Staging for Advantage
Staged and Under Contract in 7 Days
Approximately 1/4 of our business comes directly from home owners who contact us independently of their Realtors.  The most recent of Preferred Staging's successes came from one such phone call.
We were called back in February to see a small 1950's house in the historic district of Herndon, Virginia.  The house needed a lot of work to compete with the new homes being built across the street.  The owner did virtually all the renovations themselves.  Updating and upgrading the house was actually the easy part.  It was HOW to make the house show well that was the hard part.  That's when they called Preferred Staging.
Herndon Living Room Before Home Staging Herndon Family Room Before Home Staging

As an architectural historian, I immediately saw the house's charm and unique character.  The town's historic architecture guidelines prohibited any changes to the exterior of the house, but the interior was a different story.  Potential buyers really needed to see that although the house was 1950s on the outside, the inside could certainly accommodate a family in 2008. 
We decided to stage the house "traditional with a twist". We also had to work closely with the owner. She had her own ideas of how she'd like the house to look.  Our combined ideas created what we called "The Vision", and nothing was used that didn't compliment the overall feel of what we were trying to achieve.
Herndon Living Room Before After Home Staging Herndon Family Room After Home Staging

Preferred Staging provided the furniture Vision and the home owner purchased according to the plan. We were responsible for the accessories and the "magic", which transformed the interior of into a welcoming and cozy home.  One visitor to the house commented that "everything just works together so well" - from the new plantings in the front of the house that created the very important curb appeal (so necessary for this house, as it faces a busy street), the warm and inviting interior, and the large backyard with tall, mature trees and gardens.
So the success is that we achieved our "Vision", right?  Well, that's part of it.  But the true success was that the house was under contract in one week at 97% of the asking price.
Staging is truly a win-win-win-win situation.  The owner wins because their house sells quickly and for top dollar.  The buyer wins because they get a house that meets their needs, fulfills their dreams, and is move-in ready.  The Realtor wins because the house is its own best marketing tool, which allows them to focus on bringing buyers into the house.  And the stager wins, too.  For Preferred Staging, it's the satisfaction that my skills and hard work helped to sell the house quickly.
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All the best, 
the art of home preparation