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October 31, 2008
Issue 9
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the art of home preparation 
The Art of Marketing Your Home
ps 10 steps to selling your home in a down market
ps Top real estate mistakes to avoid
ps Make your real estate photos pop
ps How to sell a condo


Staging in Action
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What Our Clients are Saying
Monica was referred to me by my real estate agent (Sharon Peacock, REMax, Ashburn, VA) in order to help get my house ready to sell. I had never worked with a staging consultant before and I didn't really know what to expect. I knew that I had to spruce up my house in order to make it more appealing to potential buyers; however, I really had no idea how to think like a buyer.
Monica was extremely professional. She explained in detail the difference between staging and interior design. One point that she made that stuck with me was that staging is the opposite of interior design. An interior designer is trying to make a home more livable and comfortable for its inhabitants. Interior designers are working to personalize a space to its owners. A staging consultant is doing just the opposite - taking the personalization out of a house so that prospective buyers can see themselves in the house. I had to completely re-think how I viewed my house.
Monica went room by room, took pictures, and gave me a feel for what she would recommend. She painstakingly evaluated every room inside my house, including the garage, as well as the outside of the house. She used her pictures of the house and her extensive experience to recommend very specific, workable changes to make the house more appealing. Monica did a great job of using what I had to make the house work.
I was amazed at some of Monica's suggestions - they were things I would never have considered. I must say that Monica's report and recommendations far exceeded my expectations. Her service was a real value and worth every penny I spent with her.
Michelle Teel
Ashburn, Virginia
Home Preparation Guide
Are you getting your home ready for sale? Is your home already on the market? Preferred Staging's home preparation guide is a great resource for the most impactful ideas and projects to help you get ready for the big event. Get your copy today. After reviewing the guide, please let us know if there is something we can do to help you sell your home fast!
Staging for Advantage
Make Your Listing Photos Pop!
At Preferred Staging, we believe that home presentation extends beyond curb appeal and interior staging. We want your listing photos to "pop" off the page. It is well known that having more listing photos is one of the best ways to attract buyers. With almost 90% of home searches starting on the internet, the quantity and quality of photos will increase the probability of a fast sale.
According to, "A property with a single photo spent 70 days on the market (DOM) on average, while DOM fell to 40 with six photos, 36 with 16 to 19 photos, and 32 with 20 photos. Additionally, listings with one photo sold for 91.2 percent of the original price, while homes with six or more sold for 95 percent of the original price." 
How much more appealing will your listings be with magazine quality photos? Here are some examples... We went to the internet and grabbed some random photos. There is really nothing wrong with the samples, but I think you will recognize how much nicer the enhanced photos are.  Even if you use a wide angle lens, like we do, at a minimum you still have to edit out the "fish eye" effect.
Put yourself in the position of a much more likely will you be to ask for a tour of a home with the enhanced photos? 5%, 10%, more? Is that worth it? We think so!

 As posted:

As posted:

Not sure you can benefit from photo enhancement?  Send us a few photos (or point us to your web site). We will show you what is possible. No charge or obligation for the test, but we think you will be impressed.

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the art of home preparation