Preferred Staging can add up to 6% to the value of your home. Here's the evidence:


In 2012, Preferred Staging staged homes sold for an average of 98.3% of asking pricing and spent an average of 24 days on the market.


Homes staged by other stagers sold for an average of 95.8% and took an average of 55 days to sell (a full month longer than our average). On a $500,000 home, Preferred Staging homes sold for $12,500 more and saved $3,000 in carrying costs. Preferred Staging nets the seller a total of $15,500 more versus using another stager. That's about 3%.


When home owners choose not to stage at all, their homes sell for an average of 93.2% and take 81 days to sell (almost 2 full months longer than Preferred Staging homes). So, using a typical $500,000 home, Preferred Staging homes sell for an average of $25,500 more. Since they also sell faster, Preferred Staging homes save the homeowner $6,000 in carrying costs. Versus not staging, a Preferred Staging staged home yields $31,500 more for the seller, or 6.3% of the home's value.


Source: Study of 2012 Preferred Staging proposals comparing homes where Preferred Staging was used, homes where another stager was chosen and homes not staged at all. Homes over $1 million where excluded.


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