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Lynn does a great job with all of my seller clients that she works with.  She has an eye for helping the house to look great and has helped several of my listings shine.  All of my sellers have been complimentary of Lynn after their meeting with her.  I would definitely recommend Preferred Staging to any home seller or any realtor that is looking for a stager.


Donny Samson

Samson Properties




Preferred Staging was very flexible and able to work within my budget to beautifully stage a living room, dining room and master bedroom for me.  I received several compliments from other realtors how nicely the town home was staged.  They did a great job.


Bob Kenney
RE/MAX Allegiance




I wanted to drop you just a few words of thanks and highly recommend your talent, vision and flawless execution when it comes to staging properties to get them sold!  Your creativity, along with prioritized action items and tips, really did the trick.


You’re a terrific listener with a rational business focus and a pleasure to work with to boot.  I guess what I’m saying is you’re just the best.


Mark T.


Arlington, VA



A homeowner to his real estate agent...


I just got home about 30 minutes ago.

I had not read your email by the time I walked through the front door of what I believed was my house. Little did I know that someone with far better taste and amazing creativity had taken the exterior of my house and pasted it on to this amazing interior. I'm not giving it back!

In truth, it is more spectacular than I ever expected. Can there ever be any prettier place? Thanks to you for pushing for this and a big thanks to Joyce, the genius of all times when it comes to turning around an interior space. Please convey to her my deepest appreciation.

Now, I'm really eager for others to see this space and get their reactions!

 Bill B.





I am a huge fan of HGTV, but when I suddenly found myself having to move a relative from New York into an assisted living facility in Washington, D.C., I knew enough to call in an expert like Preferred Staging to help me design and arrange Catherine's new home. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sending Cindy.


Working with the iPhone photos and dimensions that I sent, Cindy did the impossible and accommodated all the furniture that had to be included and she created lovely, functional living areas throughout the two-room space. I was shocked when Cindy later told me that this was the first time she had worked long-distance with a client via photos and emails. She even took my fuzzy suggestions and found a workbench that was spot-on perfect for Catherine's need. Cindy handled this arrangement so seamlessly, I'd thought she'd been doing staging this way for years!


Once the movers dropped off the household shipment, Cindy immediately went to work making the new apartment feel like a welcoming home. She unpacked a sea of boxes; deftly arranged the furniture, pillows, and throws; and carefully settled each knick-knack into place. Then she positioned and hung several walls blue-and-white decorative plates--and they looked just fabulous! She didn't leave until I was satisfied that everything was perfect. 


I am grateful to Cindy beyond words. Due to her efforts and talent, she turned a stressful situation turned into a joyful homecoming. The first thing Catherine said when she came through the door was "It's just beautiful! I think I'm going to like it here."


Hats off to you, Cindy and Preferred Staging, and thank you again.


Jean F.


Washington, DC

Thanks again so much for staging the house so beautifully...I honestly don't know how I did business without you. You are a keeper!


Kathy Cox

Century 21



You probably recall my comments regarding the sale of my condo listing that Cindy Sprague staged recently. I told you that I believed that staging was the significant factor in get a full priced contract for this property. Yesterday I was at the settlement for this listing and in talking with the agent who represented the buyers. He told me that the staging was the main reason his clients made the offer for this listing rather than any of the other properties they had looked at. In addition, the buyers took several pictures of the staged rooms so they can recreate the same set up.


I told the buyer at settlement he should hire Cindy to give them advice on how to decorate their new home rather than rely on a few incomplete pictures.  I will be sending the buyers Cindy's contact information.

I always believed that staging works this only confirms my belief.


Paul Donaldson



I was amazed at some of Monica’s suggestions – they were things I would never have considered. I must say that Preferred Staging’s work far exceeded my expectations. Their service was a real value and worth every penny I spent.


Michelle T.


Ashburn, VA




I would highly recommend Preferred Staging for anyone trying to ready a home for sale.  They are wonderful! 


Preferred Staging has great ideas and is extremely willing to work with the client. They offer as much or as little as the customer needs, remaining flexible as plans change throughout the process.  Together, our combined visions resulted in a contract within a week of the listing for almost the entire asking price.


Dorothy L.


Herndon, VA


My endorsement of Monica can't be any more sincere than recommending her to every single client I have who is putting their home up for sale.


First, she's absolutely competent in her field, commits to a schedule you can count on, and is reliably professional in all aspects of her work. All of my clients like her and respond well to her. The energy and work she put in to making me a success with my clients made me look good.


The bottom line on Monica is not an opinion, it's a fact: I had a beautiful, but vacant, townhouse on the market for months a few years ago. It wouldn't sell. We finally rented it. That same townhouse came on the market again this year, but this time it had Monica's fairy dust (and extreme talent) sprinkled all over it. We had three contracts in three weeks. I call that outstanding performance!

Marghi Fauss

McEnearney, Alexandria




Thanks to the sound, thoroughly professional advice and hard work of

Preferred Staging, my home sold in just 25 days in one of the worst markets in the country for sellers, at one of the worst possible times to sell a home.  And when it did sell, I got 97 percent of list price


Visitors to my home during open houses were awed by the  fantastic color choices made by Monica, the perfect layout, and beautiful decorations.  When a home is correctly staged, potential buyers can envision how they would live in your house, and the transformation of my home bordered on magical.  Her fees were reasonable, her work

impeccable, and the end result speaks for itself. 


Steve R.


Sterling, Virginia




Joyce came in to our oddly-shaped, boring living room and immediately had great ideas about how to use the space better and ways to update the room.


The best part is that she did it all, from presenting us with her ideas about furniture placement and the color palette to finding the items to purchase.  She then pulled it all together and set up the whole room for us.  


When we came home, the living room was transformed in a beautiful, stylish way.  We were thrilled with her services and would definitely recommend her to anyone whose room(s) need a lift!


Kelly T.


Alexandria, VA


After a 12 month stint with another staging company and no sale, my interaction with you from start to finish was flawless.  Upon our first meeting and walking through the house to our discussion of my vision – I could see immediately you understood.  My biggest concern, as you know, was could you deliver a high end feel with “rental furniture and accessories”.  I was skeptical to say the least given the experience with the prior staging company. 


However, your website and your ideas about each room completely convinced me you were the right choice.  You remained in constant contact with me leading right up until staging day helping me with last minute ideas for the house. 


While you made me stay away on staging day (which was very hard by the way! J ) – I’m so thankful you did!!!!


Walking into the house after you were complete was incredible.  You and your team literally transformed this house, taking it from having beautiful bones to being a GORGEOUS HOME. 


You accomplished exactly what we were looking for with the furnishing and accessories.  Every detail is perfect in every room.  You exceeded my expectations and the house is so much more than I believed it could be.  I know we will achieve our target sale price and I would recommend you and your team to anyone.  The furnishing and accessories are high end and high quality.  Thank you. Thank you!  It has been a pleasure to work with you and you have incredible taste and an incredible eye for design. 


I would be happy to remain an ongoing reference for you at any time.


Lisa S.
Chevy Chase, MD



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